Screw Inverter Compressors

Chicago Pneumatic Screw Inverter Compressors offers premium quality, inverter unit rotary screw compressors in different models and sizes. You can choose belts and gears to find the most suitable solution for your compressed air needs. Inverter technology creates great economy for you by ensuring that your compressor operates at the lowest speed when the load is running at idle. If you use the right product in the right place, your investment will pay off as soon as possible.


A compressor with a belt pulley has a higher risk of downtime and maintenance costs. Unplanned belt tensioning and replacement operations cause production losses and introduce the risk of belt misalignment after service. That's why CPVSM is available with geared power transmission. There is no belt to replace and you enjoy low operating (service) costs. Moreover, CPVSM provides 3% more energy efficiency compared to belt-pulley compressors.


We have set a new standard in compressed air by adding the direct coupled power transfer feature to our variable speed compressor product range. New design specifically for fully variable speed applications; It offers maximum energy savings, very high flexibility and very low ownership costs. Thanks to the air tank (available up to 35 hp), integrated dryer and quality air supply devices, you can complete your installation in a very compact and cost-effective way.

The smart, highly efficient solution for your industrial needs. CPVSd is our high-efficiency screw compressor series, a new milestone in compressed air.


Oil-injected screw compressors with gear transmission

CPVS 180 - 420 series consists of highly reliable, gear-transmission oil-injected screw compressors with variable speed technology that can reduce energy costs by 35%. These compressors are designed to guarantee the lowest running cost and highest uptime, as well as being extremely user-friendly.

General features of all our Screw Inverter Compressors are below.

Low noise levels

Both new elements (direct coupled) provide a very low sound level when combined with deep sound insulation.

Easy and fast maintenance

Allows quick and easy service by placing all service parts near the front panel.

Smart monitoring and control

The unique ES4000 control unit is specifically programmed to save energy (More advanced ES4000 Advanced option available).

High energy saving

It provides high flexibility and efficiency as it is combined with new generation elements, new inverters and highly efficient power transfer.

Energy cost reduction and sustainability

Thanks to IE3 motors or Variable Speed ​​technology, it provides energy savings of up to 35% and an average reduction of up to 25% in compressor lifecycle costs, together with the direct power transmission transmission design. Optimum efficiency, lubrication, cooling and long service intervals

Simple installation

Compact and all-in-one system thanks to large-sized integrated dryers. No special installation required

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