Standard Piston Compressors

Our standard reciprocating compressors are the core products of our reciprocating range. With a wide range of options, flexible and safe features, it offers you the air solution you need when all you need is a solid compressed air source.

CPRA and CPRB - Flexibility and compactness

Do you have errands to run and small things to fix? Direct drive oil compressors are suitable for all do-it-yourself jobs and small machine applications. All types of compact configurations and tank sizes are available; This provides the flexibility to meet every customer's demand. Oil-free units are suitable for all mobile, workshop and maintenance work. There is no risk of oil spillage; Its maintenance is very easy and practical.

CPRC - easy and high performance

These belt-driven products with single-stage compression are easy to use and have high efficiency; The products are strong, high-performance and safe. These products can be preferred as fixed or portable; The series includes products with silencers to ensure the best user comfort.

CPRD and CPRF - professional performance and reliability

Belt drive products are designed to increase the number of applications possible by providing more air and higher pressure. Robust components, optimal airflow, internal and aftercoolers guarantee the reliability and efficiency required in medium to large-sized work areas and service centres. Compressors are available in fixed and portable versions and with silencer cabinets. The NS89 pump, driven by a 25 hp engine and mounted on a 900 liter tank, plays an important role in this respect.

CPRO - all you need for superior performance and air quality

These belt-driven two-stage reciprocating compressors feature pre-installed and tank-mounted dryers. As your all-in-one quality air solution, it delivers excellent performance and saves you time, money and space. The design meets the needs of many professionals working in service or repair shops where dry air is required. All products are fixed at 270 or 500 liters and star delta starter is available on all 5.5 HP and above machines.

Low Noise Piston Compressors

It has a low noise rate for a quiet work area.
When it is necessary to install the compressor closer to the work area, it is very important for operator comfort that this compressor is a low-noise compressor. Our low noise piston range offers a simple and reliable solution.

Although performance is always the priority in our complete piston line, sometimes operator comfort is also necessary. Our quiet range is perfect for situations where compressors are used heavily when installed close to the work area. Operating at low speed, equipped with control panels and taking up only a certain amount of space, this series combines efficiency and user-friendly design.

Key Advantages:

  • Sound-cancelling cabin
  • Fireproof insulation foam and metal belt guard for safety
  • Instant access to all mechanical & electrical components
  • All-in-one solution takes up limited space thanks to its tank-mounted feature
  • Clear indicators and user-friendly operation

Cast Iron and Low Speed ​​Piston Compressors

Quality, efficient and user-friendly

Piston compressors with completely cast iron blocks: One of the most reliable and robust series created with high quality components. The pumps operate at low speed, providing lower noise levels and longer lifespan; Besides, they do not compromise on excellent performance. It is extremely ideal for more demanding and intensive applications.

Key Advantages:

  • Durable cast iron components
  • Low speed, less wear
  • Metal belt guard Inner and aftercooler, large cooling ridges on rollers
  • Open oil level indicator
  • Large cast iron crankcase for excellent rigidity

Enjoy freedom with Chicago Pneumatic Piston Compressors.

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