Filter and Accessories

With Chicago Pneumatic Filters and Accessories, we offer the latest technology in air conditioning for compressed air systems.

CPX Dryer Series

Reliable, dry and clean compressed air supply

The air drawn into the compressor from the atmosphere always contains moisture. During the compression process, this moisture condenses and can cause serious damage to your air line and equipment. With the CPX Dryer series, our refrigerant dryers have been developed to solve this problem. It reliably removes condensate, ensuring completely dry compressed air and a dew point of up to +3°C.

Quick installation

Lightweight and compact design requires no special equipment.

Low maintenance cost

Simplified maintenance helps you minimize your service costs.

Advanced control

The electronic control unit displays all relevant technical information about the status of the refrigerant dryers and the dew point indicator.

Line Filters

Pure compressed air conforming to ISO standard

A certain quality of air is required depending on the application. We offer filters that offer performance in the range of 720 to 40,500 l/min, filtration class of 3 to 0.01 micrometers, capable of providing the required air quality in accordance with ISO 8573 and ISO 12500.

C-filter series

High efficiency combined filters that remove solid particles, liquid water and oil aerosol. Total Mass Efficiency: 99.9%. For optimum filtration there should always be a G filter before the C filter.

D-filter series

High efficiency particle filters for dust protection. Counting Efficiency: 99.97% at Most Penetrating Particle Size (MPPS = 0.06 microns). There must always be an S filter before the D filter; It is usually placed after the refrigerated dryer.

G-filter series

Combined filters for general purpose protection that remove solid particles, liquid water and oil aerosol. Total Mass Efficiency: 99%. For optimum filtration there should always be a water separator before the G filter.

P-filter series

Combined and particle general purpose pre-filter. Removes solid particles, dust, liquid and oil aerosol. Total Mass Efficiency: 90%.

S-filter series

Particle filters for dust protection. Counting efficiency: 99.81% at the most penetrating particle size (MPPS = 0.1 micron).There should always be a dryer before the S filter.

V-filter series

Activated carbon filter that removes oil mist and hydrocarbon odors with a maximum residual oil content of 0.003 mg/m³ (0.003 ppm). 1000 hours lifespan.

Oil-Water Separators

Longer equipment life with the right size separator

Depending on the capacity of your compressed air system, you can choose from three CPP 21-1140 series; All three are very reliable, easy to use and extremely effective. These series significantly extend the lifespan of your equipment and protect the environment.

Condensate Drains

Condensate management

Automatic condensate drain removes condensate from your compressed air network. Greatly reduces the risk of destructive wear on your air distribution system; At this point, there is no need to even mention manually timed condensate discharge.

Air Tanks

Variety and flexibility without compromising quality

We have vertical air tanks from 100 to 5000 liters.

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