How can you prevent the grinding wheel from bursting during metal processing?

Discover the safety system that offers an overspeed shutdown function.

Grinding motors with overspeed shutdown function increase operator safety by reducing the risk of accidents.

High power pneumatic grinding motors; It is widely used in metalworking industries such as foundries, shipyards and heavy machinery production shops. We know that the most important thing in these industries is safety. The overspeed shut-off function, a feature available on select high-power pneumatic grinders, greatly reduces the risk of accidental overspeeding of the grinding wheel. This feature is of great importance as an overspeed incident can lead to a disc explosion that could cause injuries that may result in the death of the operator.

Overspeed shutdown function: How does it work?

Powerful pneumatic grinders have a regulator that regulates air intake as a function of speed. When the speed increases, this input becomes smaller so that the speed does not exceed the maximum limit defined for the tool.

This mechanism was developed to work at a certain air pressure; If the air pressure increases significantly, the speed becomes too high. This is where overspeed protection comes into play. See overspeed protection in action: