Chicago Pneumatic makes your life easier with its squeezers with Torque Adjustable Shut Off technology.

Straight and pistol-grip models can be positioned according to the pressure you will use. Thanks to Shut off technology, it ends the tightening process when it reaches the set torque. This provides you with a safe squeezing opportunity.

With its torque sensitivity superior to its competitors, it is your solution partner for your torque-adjusted special tightening applications.

You can quickly finish even your smallest jobs at high speeds between 0.4 Nm - 7.5 Nm.

Affordable spare parts prices, fast and quality service, as well as a low failure rate, will prevent your business from being disrupted.

It is one of the most suitable products, especially for white goods manufacturers and industrial facilities that perform small-scale screwing operations.

Why Fener Endüstri?

Because Fener Endüstri is a subsidiary of Izz Global, it will be the company that understands you best at the construction site, in the field and in all other work areas. Izz Global has completed more than 300 domestic and international projects to date, has taken part in many large projects and is still the solution partner in mechanical and construction contracting of companies such as Petkim, Gama, Türkerler, Limak, Astaldi, Kolin, Cengiz, Rönesans and Kalyon. It works as. You can visit for our ongoing projects and detailed information. Our aim is not just to do business, we want to be your reliable solution partner in the field. You can reach us at 0850 360 60 90 during working hours, info@fenerendüstri. You can also send an e-mail to com.

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