Chicago Pneumatic Sanding Motors offer special product options for every surface and material.

Rotary Sanding Motors

Chicago Pneumatic Rotary Sanding Motors have more diameter and power than all brands on the market.

It is a leader in the sector with 25 different product types ranging from 50 mm pad diameter and 0.4 Hp (Horse Power) to 230 mm pad diameter and 2.8 Hp (Horse Power).

Compared to its competitors, it is the best brand in terms of material removal.

Chicago Pneumatic stands out from its competitors with its ultra-strong and durable patented Governed engine option.

It is used in hundreds of companies in our country in the Casting, Metal, Automotive, Marine and Steel sectors.

Orbital Sanding Motors

Chicago Pneumatic offers many types of Orbital Sanding Motors with price, performance and user-friendly products.

Vibration and external noise ratio are very important as the most sought-after features in orbital sanding products. Thanks to the air engine technology running in oil, also developed by Chicago Pneumatic, low vibration and very low external noise values ​​were achieved. According to these values, the highest material removal and fastest smooth surface operations are performed by Chicago Pneumatic.

Belt Sander Motors

With Chicago Pneumatic Belt Sanding Motors, there will no longer be any area that cannot be reached.

It will make your work much easier with its agile and ergonomic product models.

Why Fener Endüstri?

Because Fener Endüstri is a subsidiary of Izz Global, it will be the company that understands you best at the construction site, in the field and in all other work areas. Izz Global has completed more than 300 domestic and international projects to date, has taken part in many large projects and is still the solution partner in mechanical and construction contracting of companies such as Petkim, Gama, Türkerler, Limak, Astaldi, Kolin, Cengiz, Rönesans and Kalyon. It works as. You can visit for our ongoing projects and detailed information. Our aim is not just to do business, we want to be your reliable solution partner in the field. You can reach us at 0850 360 60 90 during working hours, info@fenerendüstri. You can also send an e-mail to com.


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