You can easily complete many of your jobs with Chicago Pneumatic Percussion Tools. He is the inventor of many products known in the industry for their durability, product diversity and ergonomic designs. We are at your service with a total of 96 different models.

Engraving Pens

With Chicago Pneumatic Engraving pens, you can both mark and grind small and narrow areas. We are at your service with 3 different models in total.

It has a long lifespan thanks to its high quality components.
It is easy and comfortable to use.
The power level can be adjusted for different materials and various applications such as metal, plastic, ceramics and glass.
It is the most durable product in the industry.

Rivet Hammers

Chicago Pneumatic Rivet Hammers were introduced to the market to perform rivet removal works quickly and safely, especially in the Aviation industry. We are at your service with a total of 7 different models.

It is efficient and powerful.
It is light and comfortable to hold.
It provides perfect control thanks to the movable trigger.

Founder's Mallets

Chicago Pneumatic Foundry Hammers offer special solutions for foundries with their strong yet light weight. We are at your service with a total of 14 different models.

High efficiency
Improved durability thanks to heat-treated parts
Comfortable use and high performance

Needle Scrapers

With Chicago Pneumatic Needle Scrapers, there will be no rusty surface or concrete residue left to clean. There are a total of 16 different models and products suitable for all surfaces and processes.

Provides excellent accessibility for hard-to-reach areas.
It has ergonomics suitable for one-handed use.
Adjustable front tube provides longer needle life.
Excellent durability for all industrial maintenance and production applications

Long Run Scraper

Chicago Pneumatic Long Run Scraper is your partner in stock removal, scraping and resizing operations. With a total of 6 different models, everything you need is at your fingertips.

It provides low air consumption and high efficiency.
It is an ideal product for machining, scraping and resizing operations.

Surface Cleaning Hammer

A smooth appearance can be achieved with Chicago Pneumatic Surface Cleaning Hammers. It is suitable for all surfaces with a total of 31 different products.

Low vibration level is important for your health.
It is an ideal product for long working hours.
Ergonomically suitable for one-handed use.


Chicago Pneumatic Hammers, unlike surface cleaning hammers, are the most suitable solutions for your heavy work. It helps you in your most difficult tasks with a total of 17 different products.

Power and precision
Flexible working positions
Ideal tool for deep cutting, bolt riveting and heavy-duty applications

Piston Type Scraper

You can make all your surfaces perfect with the Chicago Pneumatic Piston Type Scraper. A sufficient amount of processing can be done in this group, which consists of 2 different products in total.

Why Fener Endüstri?

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