CPSG series, emergency generators

CPSG units are built to withstand harsh operating conditions, making them ideal for operators requiring a continuous power supply for 24/7 operation in a variety of applications in non-regulated countries or stationary applications in the European market. Manufactured with only quality parts, corrosion-resistant canopies, careful assembly and intensive testing, ensuring long and reliable performance. A wide variety of options provide the functionality needed to meet all power demands.

Standard Features:

CPSG portable generator

  • Corrosion resistant canopy
  • Anti-leak chassis
  • Advanced control panel that allows users to control and operate remotely
  • Lockable fuel filler cap
  • Possibility to easily access and clean the fuel tank to prevent damage that may occur due to contamination.
  • Easy drainage of all liquids
  • Carrying bar
  • Auxiliary winding for high performance starting feature

Available Options:

  • Additional fuel filter with water separator
  • Battery isolation switch, coolant heater, battery charger
  • External fuel tank connections
  • Earth leakage relay
  • Open chassis
  • High capacity fuel tank
  • Power Transfer Box
  • Socket panel
  • Oil sump pump
  • Communication modules
  • Paralleling and synchronization control unit (from 200 kVA)
  • DSE 730 Advance digital control unit for remote and on-site start applications

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